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Live Webinar: Simplify Price Maintenance

Profit2 is a different type of margin improvement firm founded by former distributor executives. We don’t sell software or canned black-box approaches. We work with our clients to carefully increase margin by improving how their sales people price. Our proven methodology can help you gain 1 point of margin in 60 days.

Increase Margin 1 Point in 60 Days

  • Make More on Incidental Sales
  • Improve Sales Force Pricing Skills
  • Simplify Price Maintenance
  • Improve Customer Segmentation
  • No Software to Buy

300+ Successful Distributor Programs

We Do the Work
  • Analyze Every Sale
  • Identify Where You’re Losing Margin
  • Recommend Improvements
  • Continue Support to Achieve Long-Term Annuity
You Retain Control of Your Pricing System
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