How Many of Your Customers are Actually Profitable?

In the real world, you must strike a balance between sales, buying power, market share, profits, ROI…the list goes on. Everyone has a theory…some say fire everyone who isn’t profitable, others have seen too many unprofitable customers grow into their largest, most loyal customers. The truth- as usual- is somewhere in between.

Are You Interested in a Practical Solution?

Let Profit2 show you some facts from our practice. In just 30 minutes, Dave and Paul will walk you through our best practices for stratification. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you consider cost to serve?
  • Do you rely too heavily on industry when stratifying?
  • How often to you evaluate customers to make sure they’re living up to potential?
  • Can stratification help you increase margin on 30% of sales by 4 points?

Here’s the Secret

Utilize one of the most valuable pieces of infrastructure you own: your data 

You can use your transaction data and a few other key metrics to enrich your customer stratification for pricing.

Schedule a Consultation to find out how to better differentiate what you charge one customer versus another.

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