Gain 5 to 7 Points on 30% of Your Sales

The Opportunity

Take control of your prices and gain 5 to 7 points on 30% of your sales. Profit2 helps distributors identify underperforming customer-item combinations.

"I am a huge fan! We launched in November last year and our margin is up almost 200 basis points."
Ken Bodie, President
Kelsan, Inc.

Secure the Support of Your Sales Force

The Challenge

Help Your Sales People with Their Choices

"We have focused our sales people on recognizing when their customers make a less price sensitive purchase and how to be more opportunistic as they price these sales."
David White, President
Shealy Electrical Wholesalers, Inc.

We\'re From the Industry

The Difference

We're from the industry!

"We always considered pricing a "Sacred Cow". So we were initially conservative yet we still gained over $600,000 in incremental margin."
Todd Eber, President,
W.A. Roosevelt

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"The relationship with Profit2 is not just based on transactional data exchanges; it is a vital and living, breathing relationship."
Camp Sommardahl, Director of Pricing
N.B. Handy Company

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Take Control of Pricing

The Opportunity

Think about how a grocery store prices: Margin is low on staple items like milk, but your grocer has also identified items, such as doughnuts, where they can safely make more. Profit2 helps you find these items. Learn More

The Challenge

You have to change the behavior of your sales people to gain a permanent increase in margin. At Profit2, we work with your team each step of the way to gain their understanding and support. Learn More

The Difference

We started in sales in the distribution and manfacturing industry. We’ve felt the fear that keeps your sales people from gaining the margin they should. We know where to be careful because we’ve done this job. Learn More

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