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About Us-We’ve Sat In Your Chair

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Dave Roller

Each of our partners at Profit2 has faced the same challenges you face. We’ve worked as sales people and led companies within your industry. We know how it feels to walk the line between delivering sales, maintaining customer relationships and delivering profit.

At Profit2, every one of our 15 member team is a pricing improvement specialist with just one area of focus: pricing! We have conducted over 200 successful margin improvement projects over 10 years. Our clients include manufacturers, distributors and master distributors in more than 30 industry segments. We have worked with all major ERP systems and legacy systems.

The P2 Advantage – A Personal Touch

Profit2 was founded by Dave Roller more than a decade ago, and we understood that just crunching numbers wasn’t enough. We at Profit2 decided to offer much more than our patented analytics tools that enable you to look at pricing in new ways. We also work with you to provide a custom pricing strategy that works for your business and your market, because trust in the system is critical to success.

We will show you how our pricing conclusions were made and answer your questions about best pricing practices. Our emphasis on communication ensures that your sales team will have the confidence to utilize the pricing that generate increased profits.

Most importantly, Profit2’s customized approach gets results. Our clients see gain in earnings of 25+% in the first 3 months! And this gain endures because of our commitment to maintenance and continual market analysis.

Speak With A Partner

With a wealth of experience, the pricing experts at Profit2 help manufacturing and distribution companies improve margins and increase profits. To find out more, fill out our Contact Us form or call (913) 897-0159 to speak with one of our experienced pricing partners.