5 Mistakes Distributors Make in Selecting ERP/Profit2

Considering a change in your ERP software system? Or, perhaps you are ready to select a new ERP to replace one that just isn’t working for you. Here’s a whitepaper from our friends at Epicor that can help you make this expensive purchase and do an ERP conversion without making 5 common mistakes. (Free account registration required to download paper)

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5 Mistakes Distributors Make When Selecting an Enterprise Software Solution5 Mistakes Distributors Make in Selecting ERP/Profit2

“With the immense changes the distribution industry has undergone and continues to face today, there are mistakes that you as a wholesaler simply can’t afford to make. Certainly, one of these—perhaps the greatest of all in our technology-driven age—is choosing the wrong ERP for your business…”

Posted by Epicor Distribution Insights Team

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Client was converting from a legacy to a new ERP system. Client wanted to update all pricing records, eliminate counter-productive pricing and import pricing records into new ERP system. Work needed to be completed in 90 days to coincide with software conversion.

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