Will Your Sales Team Support a Margin Improvement Program?

Will Your Sales Team Support a Margin Improvement Program?

Your sales people walk a tough line every day. They want higher margins, to make more for the company and their families. On the other hand, there’s the fear. What happens if their customer notices? Who pays the price if business is lost? So, out of reasonable caution, their default position is to price most items close to your average margin.

Profit2 Gains the Active Support of Sales

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It may not seem like you’re losing much, but here are facts from our practice…

  • Most distributors lose 1+ points of margin underpricing “incidentals”
  • Approximately 25% of distributor sales are incidental
  • The margin on these incidental sales can safely be increased 5 points
  • It won’t impact sales growth or customer relationships
  • Your sales people will accept these increases if you take proper precautions

Profit2 has helped 300+ distributors safely increase margin.


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