The P2 Advantage

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The P2 Advantage and Approach to Managing Margin

[button size=”large”]Expertise[/button]

Pricing is all we’ve done for the past decade and we have a proven track record.

[button size=”large”]Proven Analysis Methodology [/button]

We protect your business while you maximize your profit.

[button size=”large”]Customization[/button]

We listen and adapt our approach to the complexities of your business.  You set strategic directions; we implement them for you.

[button size=”large”]Communication[/button]

Our approach helps you gain employee trust for full utilization of your new pricing hierarchy.

[button size=”large”]Flexible[/button]

Profit2’s tools integrate with your system.  No costly software to buy and maintain; no need to hire additional personnel.

[button size=”large”]Ongoing Pricing Maintenance[/button]

Profit2 will help you analyze and understand key sales and margin trends over time.  We analyze every sale you make for risks and opportunities.

[button size=”large”]Reporting [/button]

The information you need, when you need it.

[button size=”large”]Simple Monthly Service Payment Structure[/button]

Profit2’s pricing experts are easy to work with: one monthly fee and a no-fee-increase guarantee.

With a wealth of experience, the pricing experts at Profit2 help manufacturing and distribution companies improve margins and increase profits. For help with pricing strategies, contact us today.