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Profit2′s customized approach and emphasis on communication gets results. Our clients’ earnings increase an average of 25+% in 3 months. And this profit gain endures because of our commitment to maintenance, ongoing market analysis and pricing strategies.

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Profit2’s Margin Management Dashboards display critical margin metrics.  Measure the margin gain and sales impact from program pricing changes.  Identify issues and future opportunities.  We customize your dashboards to your specifications to help you evaluate and communicate results..[/slide]

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Trend Reports

Our trending tools take complex data sets and enable you to quickly understand trends impacting your margin.  Evaluate trends at the region, branch, customer, and product line or item level.  Drill down to invoice level to gain further insights.  [/slide]

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In Depth Analytics

Our margin consultants distill hundreds of thousand of transactions into cogent, easy to understand pricing analysis.  Increase feedback on the impact of pricing decisions to your organization.  Compare branch and sales person pricing performance.  Identify sources of margin loss.  [/slide]
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Query Smart

Whether you’re preparing for a board presentation or trying to better understand a specific issue – QuerySmart is ready to assist.  Simply request custom analysis on any topic – our pricing analysts at Profit2 are at your disposal.  [/slide]


Measure Your Gain, Better Understand Margin Trends and Stop Margin Leaks

To find out more about how Profit2’s experienced team can help you exert strategic control over your pricing and gain a permanent sustainable profit annuity, fill out our Contact Us form or call (913) 897-0159.