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[one_half]Profit2 enables you to safely increase margin 1 to 2 points without buying new software or changing how you run your business.

Our tools and methodology have enabled over 200 companies to:

  • Idenitfy sales they make that are underpriced
  • Spot where they may be overpriced and vulnerable
  • Calculate the optimum selling price for each item they sell
  • Determine the best way to increase margin using their current pricing tools
  • Gain the active involvement and support of the sales force
  • Measure the margin gain and return on investment

Profit2’s proven approach combines your organization’s knowledge with our specialized analytical tools and methodology. The result is a quick and enduring margin gain.

Our comprehensive approach  minimizes your team’s time. We do the research and analysis. You make decisions and retain control over pricing. There’s no costly software to buy and maintain; no need to hire additional personnel. Your executives stay focused on what they do best.

When you retain the industry leading services of Profit2, we will first:

  • Analyze every item sold to every customer
  • Protect price sensitive sales
  • Identify sales that are underpriced
  • Recommend the right selling margin
  • Improve customer and product segmentation for pricing
  • Clean out unnecessary pricing records
  • Provide data to better price new customers
  • Help you make more on non-stock sales
  • Assist in importing changes into ERP system
  • Conduct training sessions with sales force



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Learn how you can gain a permanent profit annuity. Complete the form or call for a brief demonstration:

(913) 897-0159

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Once your new pricing structure is implemented, we will continue to:

  • Measure your gain and the impact on sales
  • Advise you on margin results and trends
  • Keep your pricing system up to date and credible
  • Benchmark how you price vs. similar companies
  • Offer counsel to continue to further increase margin

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