Webinar: Take Control of Your Pricing

Webinar: Take Control of Your Pricing

FREE Webinar: Thursday, April 5th at 2:00PM CDT 
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Who controls pricing in your company? For most distributors, sales people and the market control pricing…at least on key items.Register Free Here

What happens when it comes time to price an incidental sale?

When it comes to pricing incidentals, most sales people guess. There’s little market feedback. The average annual customer spend per incidental item is only $150. Often, sales people just add a few points to their average margin. Or they rely on your matrix pricing. But, are you suggesting the right price? This uncertainty and lack of guidance causes sales people to be cautious.

All this uncertainty leaves money on the table.

You can increase your company margin by 1 point in 60 days by gaining more control over pricing incidentals. 25 to 30% of your volume are sales your people aren’t sure how to price. Profit2 clients average an additional 4 points of margin on these sales. As a result, they increase company margin by 1 point or more.

More importantly, we help you gain more control over pricing on all sales. You can have the strategy, systems, and training in place to make the margin you should.

Profit2 was founded by distribution executives who will understand your business. If your business is complex…if you want more control over your pricing and recognize the need to improve how your sales people price…Profit2 may be the solution.

Take 30 minutes to judge if our approach could work for you. Tell us about your pricing challenges. See why Profit2 is a Better Solution.

Thursday, April 5th at 2:00PM CDT 
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I hope you’re able to join us.Register Free Here
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