Join Paul Parsons in Booth #620 at the NAFCD*NBMDA annual convention, November 3-5. Paul will offer a 15 minute demonstration of our cloud based tool that can help you increase margin without giving up control of your pricing system.

Unlock the power of your pricing system with these tools.  Learn how to gain the active support of your sales force. Compare Profit2’s user-friendly approach to the captive customer model of other products.

Top 10 Reasons to Talk With Paul

  1. Try to stump him! Ask your toughest pricing question
  2. Get a free Building Materials Distributor Pricing Comparison
  3. Enter to win a Microsoft Surface
  4. View new tools for your Pricing Manager
  5. Find out how similar companies have overcome sales force resistance
  6. Ask nicely, and maybe he’ll send you a bottle of Kansas City BBQ sauce
  7. Learn about our free NBMDA member pricing consultation
  8. Sign up to receive our industry case studies
  9. Ask your most obscure baseball trivia question….he’s seldom wrong
  10. Judge if you too can start 2016 with 1+ more point of margin

Please take a few minutes to stop by our booth, or feel free to give me a call so we can meet at your convenience.  I can show you how other NBMDA members have increased margin without giving up control of their pricing system and put you on the path to higher earnings in 2016.


Paul Parsons
Senior Partner


About Profit2

  • Partners are from the Distribution Industry
  • No Software to Buy….Works With Your Existing ERP
  • We Do the Work – You Own Your Pricing
  • Retain Control of How You Price
  • Methodology is Specific to Your Business
  • Focused on Organizational Pricing Behavior