In nearly two decades since I started Profit2, this is the most dynamic market for supplier increases I’ve EVER seen. As with many times of challenge and change, those that are nimblest and adjust the fastest to flux usually come out on top. The pricing opportunity is significant and so is the work involved to get your pricing structure optimized without creating a negative impact on the customer relationships that fuel your distribution sales engine.

I invite you to join us for our free webinar on Thursday, November 8th at 2PM CST.

During this new 30 minute session we will show you how we work with our clients to:
Coordinate margin increases with supplier and vendor increases
Play defense to ensure that our clients aren’t exposed on any highly visible items
Take an incremental approach and see how small, safe wins add up…and stay under the radar

Dave Roller
President and Founder

Live Webinar

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Thursday, November 8th


If you are unable to join us, contact Paul Parsons at 913-439-9705 or email for a complimentary executive briefing.

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