Think About…

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Traditional pricing practices can rob you of the dollars you need to compete and prosper….

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  • How much more do small customers pay?
  • Are your smaller customers really profitable?
  • How much more do small customers pay?
  • Is there enough difference vs. your large customers?
  • When customers make a spot buy, do they pay more?
  • Are you sufficiently compensated for special orders?
  • How often do sales people override your pricing?
  • Do your sales people fear a conversation about price?
  • Do they often price based on “potential”?
  • Do your sales people often use a blanket markup or discount?
  • When you increase a price, do you measure what happens?
  • If you personally priced every item your company sells, would you make more margin?
  • If so, if you had more day-to-day influence over pricing … could your company earn more?


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