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Do-It-Yourself or Profit2/Profit2The P2 Advantage:

  • At Profit2, our average client gains +1.7 margin points in the first 6 months.
  • Their total average margin increase is over 2+ points.
  • Our clients break even on their investment in Profit2 in about 30 days.
  • Average client ROI is $15 for every $1 invested during the first year; plus an enduring margin gain in subsequent years.
  • Profit2 can deliver a pricing system in 8 to 12 weeks. Most internal projects take 12-24 months to execute.

The problem with maintaining your system with the do-it-yourself approach is your people already have full-time jobs. Sales people have to take care of customers. Pricing or purchasing departments are consumed just handling cost changes and special requests. As a result, pricing isn’t kept current. On average, 63% of distributor pricing records are outdated and counterproductive.

Don’t underestimate how quickly the market changes.

If you don’t invest in ongoing pricing maintenance:

  • Your pricing will soon become outdated
  • Sales people will stop trusting your system
  • Pricing utilization will go down
  • Margin gain will quickly erode

Profit2’s comprehensive service includes:

  • Monthly program results
  • Customer reaction tracking
  • Quarterly pricing system maintenance so that you stay on top of your market

When you retain Profit2, you hire a skilled resource with one mission. It’s our job to make sure your pricing system is always updated and reflects the current market. That’s one of the reasons why even during the recession of 2009 our clients have maintained and grown their margin.

Extra Work or More Profit2 … Your Choice

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