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Ongoing Support / Melissa Heying / Project Manager / Profit2

Melissa Heying / Project Manager

Ongoing Support-We’ll Be There

In margin optimization, getting a margin gain is easier than hanging on to the gain.

Our industry is extremely dynamic. If your pricing system does not remain current, sales will suffer and your people will lose trust in the program. You need to watch over results continually to spot prices that become too high as conditions have changed. It’s also important to spot where you have new opportunities. In short, it takes work to keep the gain.

Prices need to be reviewed at least quarterly.

60+% of prices need to be modified at least once a year. Our practice has taught us that margin gains can be kept and further increased, but it takes work. With Profit2’s comprehensive service, it’s our job to make sure your pricing system is always up to date and reflects the current market. That’s one of the reasons why even during this recession our clients have maintained and grown their margin. Profit2 clients maintain and continue to build margin in year two, three and beyond. Our first client has now enjoyed 10 years of enhanced margin performance.

We provide monthly reporting, quarterly pricing system maintenance, and give critical feedback and coaching information to ensure lasting margin growth.

The pricing experts at Profit2 help manufacturing and distribution companies improve margins and increase profits.

To find out more about how Profit2 can help you exert strategic control over your pricing and achieve lasting margin improvement, fill out our Contact Us form or call (913) 897-0159.