How to Overcome Sales Resistance

Building margin is primarily a behavioral challenge. Profit2 has over a decade of experience helping businesses optimize margin AND overcome sales resistance to a new pricing system.

What is a Sales Person to do?Fear is the biggest barrier to increasing margin

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Most sales people focus on volume and protecting the customer relationship. Given a choice between playing it safe and under pricing… well, you know which option your sales people choose.

the-opportunityIncrease margin safely by putting sales people at the center of your system

Profit2 recommends that your sales team stays key to identifying sales that are high volume and price sensitive while management takes strategic control of incidental pricing, which accounts for about 30% of your sales.

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iStock_ManPercentsIt’s more than numbers

Getting your sales people to use the new pricing structure can be even more difficult than coming up with the numbers in the first place. Profit2 works with distributors and manufacturers from all industries, every day to set pricing, optimize margin AND train sales teams.

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