One Size Does Not Fit All

Other software packages and pricing analysis vendors offer a one-size-fits all solution. As industry insiders, we know that even low volume sales can be very price sensitive. In a tough economy, the last thing you want to do is price yourself out of the market by applying simplified pricing strategies that don’t fit your market and your customers.

Profit2’s senior partners come from your industry and understand the impact of our recommendations. That is why we offer a pricing solution that is completely customized to YOUR business on a universal platform. No need to buy software or pay fees for add-ons to your existing operating system, and no need to hire additional personnel. Your executives stay focused on what they do best.

You Make the Decisions!

You bring your sales and pricing data, your market knowledge and your product expertise. We provide patented analytical tools and a proven methodology.

Together we will:
  • Protect price-sensitive sales
  • Determine the optimum selling price for every sale
  • Identify prices that can be safely raised
  • Spot where you may be priced too high
  • Help you import price changes into your operating system
  • Gain the support of your sales organization
  • Track customer reaction to price changes
  • Keep your pricing current and credible

Need a strategy customized to your business?

We will help you increase margin in a way that works for your business.  Contact Us or call (913) 897-0159 today.