The Difference

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We’ve Sat In Your Chair

We started our careers as sales people in the distribution and manufacturing industry. Once you’ve had to answer tough questions from a customer about a price increase, or lost an order over a few cents, pricing is not an “ivory tower” concept. We’ve felt the fear that keeps your sales people from gaining the margin they should. We know where to be careful because we’ve actually done the job.

Team Players

Our tools and our approach make the difference. You can’t gain a permanent increase in margin by decree. Profit2’s experienced partners work with you to address the fears of your sales team and gain their active support. We sweat the details to make sure your new pricing is credible and doesn’t raise customer concerns. We do the research and analysis. You make decisions and retain control over pricing.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Software solutions excel at managing high volume, standardized tasks in a uniform manner. We believe that increasing margin is a behavioral challenge. As such it’s critical to price in a way that fits your business and culture. Profit2 will provide a customized solution that recognizes the unique challenges of your business. We will never impose an “out of the box, make the client fit us” pricing system.

Start Now

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