The Challenge

The Challenge2013-10-15T14:55:25+00:00

It’s More Than Numbers

We believe that increasing margin is primarily about changing the behavior of your sales people. Yes, analytics are important and we’re proud of the tools we have created, but we know that a spreadsheet of numbers isn’t enough. You have to change the culture and the behavior of your sales people to gain a permanent increase in margin.

What’s the biggest barrier? Fear!

Put yourself into the shoes of your sales people:

  • They live in fear of losing a customer or not delivering their sales objective.
  • Their days are spent pricing only the most competitive items. Most just tack 5 points or so onto an to an incidental sale and believe they’ve done what they can.
  • They dread having to justify a price to a customer, upsetting the status quo.

Because we’ve experienced the fear first hand, as salespeople in your industry, our approach enables you to protect your business, allay the fears of your sales team and gain a permanent profit annuity.

You have to gain trust

Profit2 clients consistently make more than their competitors on incidental items that account for about 30% of their sales. It’s not easy, but we’ve developed tools and a methodology that will relieve the fears of your sales team. You can gain their active support and build a permanent margin annuity.

When you engage Profit2’s comprehensive service you will:

  • Thoroughly understand our methodology
  • Maintain control over your pricing
  • Safely make more where you can

We will:

  • Price in a way that makes sense for your business
  • Protect your business first

We involve your sales people each step of the way to gain their understanding and support. It’s not the fastest way to change pricing, but you only have one chance to gain the support of your team.

Overcome the Fear

To find out more about how Profit2’s comprehensive approach can help you make the most of your pricing system, fill out our Contact Us now form or call (913) 897-0159. Ask for a demonstration of how we will help you overcome the fear of your sales team.