Many Distributors Manage 100,000+ Customer Contracts

But what happens when the volume assumptions aren’t revisited? What happens when those contracts become out of date or counter-productive?

Leverage Your Data to Make Better Pricing Decisions

Take the time to evaluate if your customers are living up to their potential. Factor in their total purchases, purchase frequency and cost to serve.

Tips to Better Manage Your Customer Contracts

Join Paul Parsons for a free webinar on Thursday, September 10 at 2 p.m. CDT to learn or best practices to evaluate, adjust, and measure your results. He’ll discuss a specific a methodology that will allow you to get in the fast lane on margin improvement including how to:

  • Leverage Your Data to Make Better Pricing Decisions
  • Revisit Volume Assumptions
  • Determine Which Contracts are Out of Date

Now is the time to gently raise margins on underpriced sales and gain 4 points on 30% of sales.

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