You can’t gain a permanent increase in margin by decree.

Don Magruder, vice president of Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply in Central Florida and former chairman of the Florida Building Material Association, describes in the 2010 article below what Profit2 has known since we were founded: Increased margin requires pricing discipline and sales people buy-in. That’s why our service includes not only solid pricing strategy, but also training, mentoring, and reporting so you can see if optimal prices are actually being used.

Profit2′s experienced partners work with our clients to address the normal fears of every sales team and gain their active support.

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Why Your Operation Needs the Margin Police


Don’t let your sales people off the hook!

By: Don Magruder

It never ceases to amaze me of all the great ideas on margin that executives have. They create some of the most well-written guidelines you can imagine, and then no one follows them. The reason for the insubordination is simple: they don’t have a Margin Policeman who is checking business reports on a daily basis to make sure employees are not violating the guidelines. read full article[/titled_box]