There’s an old baseball story about a coach. His pitcher was struggling. Pitch after pitch was off the mark. The bases were now loaded.

The coach stepped just outside the dugout. He cupped his hands to his mouth. In a voice that shook the stadium he yelled…throw more strikes!

When I led a distributor, my approach to pricing wasn’t much different. I often yelled…raise margin! Sure, it helps to clearly define the goal. Still, improving pricing comes down to the basics.

Have you had a chance to step back and judge how well your team does on pricing basics? Take a few minutes to compare your results with the top performers on these key pricing skills:

  • Measuring Item Price Sensitivity
  • Stratifying Customers for Pricing
  • Managing Customer/Contract Pricing
  • Simplifying Price System Maintenance
  • Building Utilization of System Pricing

Profit2 can help your team throw more strikes and raise margins. You can be more competitive where you must and gain 5 to 6 points more on incidental sales. Protect your business and increase company margin 1 point in about 60 days. Contact us anytime for an Executive Briefing.

Dave Roller