Free Webinar for HVAC/Plumbing Distributors – Raise EBIT 25%…and Win a Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Free Webinar for HVAC/Plumbing Distributors – Raise EBIT 25%…and Win a Microsoft Surface

What would a 25% increase in EBIT mean to the future of your company?

  • If you could gain 1.5 to 2.0 points of margin just by adopting pricing practices used by leading HVAC/Plumbing distributors…
  • If we could show you how to identify where you’re underpriced and exactly how companies you respect have increased margin and earnings 25+%…
  • And for fun, if you had a 1 in 10 shot at a Microsoft Surface by being one of the first ten registrants that attend our workshop webinar…

Would you invest a few minutes to listen to a distribution executive who has helped dozens of HVAC/Plumbing distributors safely increase margin an average of +1.7 points in a matter of a few months?

You’re invited to an HVAC/Plumbing Distributor Pricing Workshop on August 4th at 2:00PM CDST.

This webinar is limited to distributors of HVAC/Plumbing supplies only and we will cap the crowd at the first 20 distributors who register via the link below. We ask that you be directly involved with pricing at your distributorship to attend and you must be from the HVAC or Plumbing segment for this series. We will host additional webinars for other segments.  

Register Now!

Tuesday, August 4th @ 2:00PM CDST

Microsoft SurfaceClick Here to Sign Up for the Webinar!

This workshop webinar will fill up fast. Register now and see if you can win a Surface. Once you register, we will confirm your attendance via e-mail. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you will need to cancel so we can use your seat for another distributor.

Our executive briefing will cover these topics:

  • 4 Key metrics to help you compare how you price vs. similar companies
  • How to identify where you’re underpriced
  • A step by step methodology that will safely increase your margin
  • What you need to do first before you start…  

What’s your time investment?  45 Minutes.

Will there be a sales pitch? Absolutely. We’re capitalists. After discussing the topics above we’ll spend 5 minutes briefly showing our tools and how we help clients implement the methodology. You can always drop off if you’re not interested.

In short, we will show you how Profit2’s tools and expertise can work in conjunction with your internal program to grow gross margin at a vastly faster pace than you can on your own. And we’ll discuss how you can get a detailed evaluation of your pricing system for free with no obligation.

Bill McNally, Senior Partner

P.S. If you are unable to attend but would like to schedule a session one on one to discuss how to raise your earnings before income tax 25-50% by next Fourth of July, Click Here.

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