We want to take a minute to personally invite you to stop by Dave Roller’s presentation at the ABMDA 35th Annual Convention.

This Saturday, April 2nd from 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Dave will be discussing how to increase profitability. He will focus on 4 Proven Pricing Fixes that will help you gain one point of margin in 6 months, and leave you poised to continue to increase margin further.

We are also offering a complimentary Benchmark & Margin Analysis. We’ll compare how you price vs. similar distributors on key metrics. We’ll provide a detailed analysis of your sales and margins, identify specific profit opportunity examples, and show you how to gain the support of your sales team. We’re not an out of the box software solution, we work with you to identify what you need to protect your business while increasing margin.

We  look forward to seeing you in Florida.
Dave Roller
President, Profit2
(913) 669-9057
[email protected]