Tom Peric, editor of HARDI’s official magazine, conducted interviews of seven distribution industry experts in an article on “Distribution Center” this week. Dave Roller, representing Profit2, was one of the interviewees and his answers to Peric’s questions are online here! Enjoy the article.

Supply Chain Experts Sound Off

HARDI-DCOctober 15, 2015
“I had a recent conversation with someone pitching me a story about their company and how they could help with the supply chain issues of HVACR wholesalers.  While I dread a one-source story that extols the merits of a single company, the conversation resulted in a flash: Why not ask HARDI vendors, who are essentially supply chain consultants of some variety, to tell DC readers what makes THEM so special — in their own words? We extended an invitation for those in the supply chain consulting world who are HARDI members to share some of the limelight about their business. My goal was simple. I wanted our readers to have a specific overview of what these service vendors offered, which is helpful, I believe, if and when they need counsel in the supply chain area.”  Read Full Article