It’s hard to compare your pricing. Is a price too low or too high? Are you leaving money on the table? Is your pricing system structured correctly? Each year, distributors make hundreds of thousands of pricing decisions.

This article concludes our series on Compare How You Price

How to measure Your Performance

You already have all the data you need to compare how you price and identify what to change. Plus, Profit2 provides a complimentary, no obligation initial preliminary pricing analysis. Thisanalysis includes full data on the 4 key metrics as well as:

  • A thorough evaluation of your company’s margin trends
  • Additional comparison of how you price vs. similar companies
  • Specific examples of where you are underpriced
  • How to better use your current pricing software
  • A step-by step plan to increase margin.
  • How to gain the support of your sales team
  • A system to measure and document results

This Benchmark Pricing Analysis is easy to arrange, free and can be enlightening. For additional information please contact Paul Parsons at or 913-439-9075

Free Analysis

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