The pricing experts at Profit2 help manufacturing and distribution companies improve margins and increase profits.

Working with the folks at P2 has been a very positive experience. They are very professional and understand how things are perceived within companies. They worked closely with our upper management to support them in their efforts. When it came time to roll out the project they met with our Branch Managers to explain how this process works. The real challenge came when explaining it to the sales reps. All they heard were ‘You’re raising my prices’. We implemented during the low part of a recession for our industry. Many of our competitors were basically cutting prices to stay in business. The folks on the data side were very helpful in getting us information how we needed to see it.

The main result of our program with P2 is that it works! We had less gross sales the first year we implemented and yet made more money than the year before. We increased margins at every location. We were told customers would complain and it would be a disaster. Complaints were inconsequential. We continue to make changes to our pricing quarterly and annually. When we begin to see margins drop in an area, we use the analysis to curb our losses and turn the trend around.

I would recommend Profit2 in a minute! And have several times. The theory of this works in practice. Few things companies do will help make such an impact as P2.

Testimonials/Profit2Jim Barber, Manager of Information Systems
Blevins, Inc.

Over my 23 year career with US Supply I have found that Profit2 is the easiest vendor I have ever worked with. They understand my questions and concerns and they are very responsive. Our relationship has migrated beyond the base program and when I ask them to address my concepts and ideas outside the base program I always get a positive response. 

Our price overrides as a percent of annual sales have dropped considerably. They get wholesale distribution. I would recommend their program.”

Testimonials/Profit2Gabe Llull, Pricing Coordinator
US Supply

Profit2 educated our salesforce on the margin improvement project and that helped drive high program price utilization. Their program is simple and straightforward and this made the implementation a lot less complicated. We really like using the web portal they set up to review monthly results and to review price optimization recommendations. Their monthly reporting tells us where we are having success and where we need to improve.


Curt Buchheit, CFO
Cape Electrical Supply, LLC

Since day one Profit2 has under-promised and over-delivered. The people at Profit2 are accessible, patient and easy to work with. Their reporting is easy to understand and always on time. We like that they provide both graphs and numbers.

They do not pressure us to accept their recommendations. Initially we were tentative and skeptical, and I wish we had been more aggressive at first. We are now more confident in our relationship and the last two price optimization reviews have been no brainers.


I was shocked at how well Profit2 knew our marketplace and our industry. The ROI is fantastic. Yes, I would highly recommend Profit2.

Shaker Brock, VP of Sales
Electric Supply Inc.

Profit2 has been extremely responsive in working with our team. Their follow up and commitment after the implementation has exceeded our expectations.

At the beginning of the project, I was optimistic but did not think we would achieve the historical results which Profit2 had with other companies and suggested we would attain. Within a few months of implementation, we were exceeding the estimated increases in margins which we expected to realize. The investment in the Profit2 service has without a doubt been the best investment we have made. 

I would without hesitation recommend Profit2 and the team which helps implement and service the product.


Brad Blevins, President
Blevins, Inc.

There are many solutions to helping a company increase margins. Profit2 was the only one we spoke to that took the time to understand how we do business and was willing to customize the process to meet our needs. We saw immediate results in our first load despite the conservative approach we took and met our return on investment goal ahead of what was planned. 


I recommend Profit2 any time I’m asked.

Mike Bell, VP Operations
Hunzicker Brothers, Inc

It has been a rewarding experience working with Profit2. They are very client focused. We review their margin improvement recommendations in a very practical format as we implement strategies together. Their monthly reporting is very specific so we can identify where margin is up and where it is down. Profit2 is using our cost to serve analytical tool information and applying this information in a practical way to how we price higher cost to serve customers. I would recommend Profit2.

Testimonials/Profit2Clay Blevins, President
Comfort Supply

Our profits have improved, and the efficiency of our inside sales people has greatly improved. After our reorganization this past year, they customized the reports needed to provide information to our management team. I would highly recommend Profit 2 and their outstanding service organization.Testimonials/Profit2

Gale Helton, Vice President
Hydra-Dyne Hydraulics LLC


Profit2 has enabled R.J. Schinner to capture additional margin we could not in the past. While finding additional margin in opportunities that had previously been overlooked, we are still able to remain aggressive where we need to be to continue our aggressive growth. We have found Profit2 flexible, efficient and effective in helping us achieve our margin goals.


Ken Schinner, President
R.J. Schinner

Profit 2 has been a valued partner in our pricing strategy and analysis for over 10 years. Providing highly integrated feedback and analytics on margin opportunities, while having a great understanding of the product and market dynamics related to our industry, sets them uniquely apart from other providers of pricing intelligence.  Profit 2 is a continued part of our success as we enter our 125th year as a privately held wholesale distributor.


Tom Mills, Executive VP & CFO
NB Handy

Testimonials/Profit2Profit2 is available, responsive and helpful. Dave and Melissa are easy to work with.  Our price utilization discipline has increased due to the ability that the system gives us to focus on different variables including individual performance. Margins are up on the price classes we are focusing on due to our ability to effect the variables we want to change with more precision.

Jim Burstein, President
Admiral Metals

I am a huge fan. We launched in November of last year and our margin is up almost 200 basis points.

I like the interface that Profit2 has to our ERP system; plus the reporting that Profit2 provides is a bonus that has helped us build on our initial gain.


Ken Bodie, President
Kelsan, Inc.

We are extremely happy with our pricing program results, and look upon our relationship with Profit2 as a long term project. We are optimizing pricing by segmenting customers by size and products to take advantage of the price elasticity for these groups. Profit2 is very accommodating and knowledgeable about the wholesale distribution industry. They have customized this project to our specific needs.Testimonials/Profit2

Scott Johnson, Senior Vice President

Profit2 is an outstanding partner. Our association with Profit2 has led to significant improvement in the bottom line and our sales force has gained greater insight into margin optimization.

Dave Roller is always positive and upbeat. He is easy to work with and is involved and accessible. He continues to bring new ideas to the team.

Testimonials/Profit2The relationship with Profit2 is not just based on transactional data exchanges; it is a vital and living/breathing relationship.

Camp Sommardahl, Director of Pricing
N.B. Handy Company

The results have been very positive. We received the immediate margin gain we sought without negatively affecting sales growth.

We have focused our sales people on recognizing when their customers make a less price sensitive purchase and how to be more opportunistic as they price these sales. The work is much easier because Profit2’s tools enable us to better utilize our operating system software to recommend pricing for any potential sale.

Profit2’s online reporting system allows to provide feedback to our sales people and identify new margin opportunities.Testimonials/Profit2

David White, President
Shealy Electrical Wholesalers, Inc.

From the start Profit2 has been very responsive to our questions and have the analytical tools to compile the sales and margin dollars to our liking. Dave and Melissa work well together presenting their recommendations and uncovering margin enhancement opportunities.

We firmly believe in the Profit2 model and have hired a margin enhancement coordinator to work directly with the Profit2 team going forward.

I would recommend Profit2 to other distributors.Testimonials/Profit2

Bill Kuzia, CFO
Kranz, Inc.

If we had not engaged Profit2 during the economic downturn, our results would have been far worse. We gained margin and we have held on to that gain this year.

Profit2 has brought tremendous pricing discipline to our company. Their insight into our pricing and the resulting margin improvement has true value.Testimonials/Profit2

George Morgan, President
Kentec, Inc.

The results have been very favorable and we’ve met our expectations of the process and return on our investment.

Our dealings with Profit2 have been very professional and they have continued to meet commitments and mutually agreed upon timeliTestimonials/Profit2nes throughout this project. Dave Roller has always made himself available for conferences and onsite visits.

Doug Young, President
Behler-Young Company

We always considered pricing a “Sacred Cow”. I was initially skeptical and concerned that we might push away customers if we adjusted prices. So we were initially conservative the first year of the project, yet we gained over $600,000 in incremental margin. Profit2’s concept is very solid and the results are sustainable.

We realized that we did not have the internal resources to attempt an internal margin improvement project. I cannot say enough positive things about Dave, Sheryl, and Bill. They are open minded, accessible, always positive and they went the extra mile for W.A. Roosevelt.Testimonials/Profit2

Todd Eber, President
W.A. Roosevelt

I clearly would recommend Profit2. They are flexible, professional and willing to change their approach based on our needs. When we asked for something they did it. Profit2 has a well thought out step-by-step sophisticated process that is effective in raising prices and gross margin.Testimonials/Profit2

Leonard Green, President
Service Paper

The Profit2 team is straightforward and easy to work with. We accomplished our goals on time. Perkins definitely gained a significant financial reward thru our association with Profit2.Testimonials/Profit2

Bob Crawford Sr., Chief Operating Officer